The Express Metal Products manufacturing solutions requires a constant reserve of production capacity to meet the critical and urgent requirements of our customers.

We strive to accommodate order expedition wherever possible. Customers with an established and mutually beneficial relationship with Express Metal Products enjoy a level of service that is second to none, we consistently deliver to ultra-tight lead-times and provide immediate NCR turnaround. We understand the importance of the demands our customers place upon us and our customers operate with the certainty that our team is dedicated to doing everything possible to keeping production and manufacturing flowing smoothly further downstream.

We are proud of the rate at which we process the hundreds of tonnes of material required each month and our customers have come to rely upon the consistency with which we are able to turnaround their orders. We proudly publish our lead-time in top right-hand corner of this website to ensure our customers can always be kept abreast of any impact to our production schedule. Our customers have consistently given us feedback that meeting the promised lead-time rather than the length of the lead-time itself is the critical performance metric for their business which is why DIFOT (delivery in full and on time) has been the key customer service metric we have focused upon this financial year at Express Metal Products.

With this in mind, Express Metal Products does not offer a formal expedition service. You cannot pay extra to jump the queue or to reduce our current lead times however our team is always poised to hit your deadlines when it matters.

Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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