Drill, Tap, and Countersinking

Drill, Tap, and Countersinking

Express Metal Products offers a range of basic machining services for all types of materials including:

Precision Drilling

Where critical specifications call for hole sizes with greater precision than the 0.1mm offered by laser cut holes however for most applications laser cut holes are more than adequate.

Tapping and Threading

Tapping of through or blind holes for all standard ISO tap sizes is available with a tight turnaround and for more exotic applications such as mismatched thread sizes/holes or threading for custom machined bolts, mill threading is available within a 5-10 working day period.

Countersinking and Counterboring

Countersunk vs Counterbored holes

The addition of countersinking often elevates the visual appearance of your parts but can also increase the strength of the bond applied by your chosen fastener. Our counterboring service extends these advantages to hex and socket style fasteners.

Interested in Drill, Tap, or Countersinking?

You are welcome to contact our friendly estimators for more information however we will interpret these requirements in your drawings and quote to supply these services automatically.

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